Advanced Learner Loan

Information for learners

Advanced Learner Loans are a Government initiative for those aged 19 or over, to help individuals access further education and training. They’re available for a wide variety of courses, allowing you to enrol on the course you need, for the future you want, and what’s more, you won’t have to pay anything upfront!

Are you eligible?

  • Do you live in the UK and have been for the past 3 years?
  • Are you aged 19 or more?
  • Are you interested in studying a level 3 – 6 course?

If your answers are yes, you can apply for a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan!

If you’re earning £22,000 per year, your monthly repayment is just £7.
If you earn less you don’t pay it back.

Courses available

If you would like more information about any of the courses listed below, or Advanced Learner Loans in general, please contact our Loans Department by emailing or calling 01462 488 218.

Level 3 VRQ in Barbering

Level 3 Diploma in Barbering

Level 3 Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing

Level 3 Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Hair & Make-Up

Level 3 Diploma in Make-up Artistry

Level 3 Diploma in Massage Therapy

Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies

Level 3 Diploma in Hairdressing Studies

Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects and Hair and Media Make-Up

Level 4 Diploma in Permanent Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

Level 3 Diploma in Nail Services

Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology

What you need to know

The amount you can get depends on your course, the tuition fees charged by your training provider and maximum amounts set by the Government. The minimum loan amount is £300. We will discuss your course fees with you prior to you enrolling.

Student Finance England (SFE) will pay your agreed tuition fees directly to your training organisation once they’ve confirmed your attendance on the course.

Your monthly repayments will be based on your income, not what you have borrowed and you’ll only start making repayments when your income is more than £404 per week, £1,750 per month or £21,000 per year.

You’ll pay back 9% of any income above £21,000 a year, so for example, if you earn £22,000 per year, your monthly repayment will be £7. If you earn £30,000 per year, your monthly payment will be £67.

If your income drops or rises, for example if you receive a bonus, your repayment amount will automatically change to reflect this.

You’ll be due to start repaying your loan in the April after you leave or finish your course.

It’s important you consider your own circumstances and look into all options for paying for your course before choosing to take out a loan. You can get independent financial advice from the Money Advice Service at