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The qualification is a recommendation of Care Quality Commission for all care settings to undertake with staff who are new to their care role or who wish to build on National Minimum Training Standards (NMTS) or the Common Induction Framework (CIF). It is usually completed within the first 12 weeks of employment. As a set of standards that a Health & Social Care worker adopts in their daily working life, the Care Certificate requires the development of skills, knowledge and competency in all aspects of care including:

  • Fluids and Nutrition
  • Basic Life Support
  • An awareness of Mental Health
  • Dementia and Learning Disability.

There are 15 standards in total and all outcomes and assessments have to be met for the Care Certificate to be awarded. By achieving this award you will be able to show that you have the basic skills and knowledge requirements to undertake a career within Health & Social Care and it provides a solid foundation upon which further qualifications can be  built. This qualification can lead to employment opportunities in many care settings including Adult Social Care, Health Care, Nursing Care and Domiciliary Care.

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This qualification covers the basics of providing mentoring support in any situation, whether it be a work, voluntary or personal capacity.

Mentoring is all about supporting and guiding others that may benefit from your skills and experience. No prior qualification or experience of mentoring is required, just a keenness to help others.

The course is delivered over a number of weeks in a group setting, and includes a range of interactive exercises and tasks for learners to complete. As you would expect, there is a strong emphasis on communication skills in this award, as well as practical and legal aspects of mentoring. There is an expectation that learners will complete work outside of sessions and further individual study is encouraged.

Learners who complete this course may consider going on to a higher level mentoring award or specialising in other related areas, such as counselling or coaching.

This qualification covers the basic knowledge required to deliver reliable customer service through an understanding of customer expectations and needs. It also provides you with the knowledge to deal effectively with customer queries, problems and complaints. This qualification will suit you if you are looking to expand on your current knowledge and experience or looking to obtain employment in the customer service industry.

This qualification has been developed for young people and adults and is suitable for those who are pre-employment, those who are in employment or those between jobs. This qualification assists you in developing and practising the skills required for employment and provides valuable accreditation of your skills and/or knowledge, without requiring you to prove your occupational competence. There is a wide range of units you can choose from to tailor your qualification to meet your needs, whatever your career ambitions may be.

This qualification is designed for strategic managers who have the capacity to lead change and make decisions within their organisation. They should be able to develop a business plan, develop a direction for their organisation and provide evidence of how they have led change to improve their organisations performance.

This qualification is at Master’s level, and as such requires a great deal of in-depth reading, research and written work.

Information, advice and guidance can be given in many varied job roles and contexts. This could include careers guidance, youth work, colleges, training providers, the prison service and housing, as well as many others.

These qualifications are ideally suited to anyone who provides advice and guidance services. The level 3 qualification focuses on the provision of general advice and guidance to clients, whilst at level 4 learners will focus on more specialised advice and guidance.

These qualifications will help you understand the importance of legislation and procedures.

Please contact us for more information about this course.

Please contact us for more information about this course.

Functional Skills are practical skills in English, maths and ICT for all learners aged 14 and above. These qualifications provide an individual with essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to operate confidently and independently in life and work.

They are suitable for learners will little or no prior qualifications in the areas, and will provide a solid knowledge base in the respective subject.

These qualifications meet the needs of learners who work or want to work in a wide range of health or social care settings or with children or young people in a wide range of settings, for example in the roles of:

  • Education Welfare Officer
  • Learning Mentor
  • Careers Adviser
  • Youth and Community Worker
  • Foster Carer
  • Speech and Language Therapist

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This qualification provides generic management skills for those planning to or working in a management role. The qualification delivers the skills and knowledge that meet the needs of managers on a domestic and international platform. It is a flexible route for learners who have already achieved management qualifications at a lower level and for learners who do not have management qualifications, but may have qualifications in other areas and/or prior experience the work place.

The qualification is designed to provide:

  • Maximum flexibility with different sized level 4 qualifications for those who only wish or have the time to initially take smaller qualifications and then build up qualifications over time
  • Opportunities for learners to develop knowledge and skills, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life
  • Optional units in particular specialisms that are directly related to learners’ current responsibilities or that meet a particular interest and support career development

This qualification has been created for roles such as:

  • Assistant managers of residential services
  • Assistant managers
  • Senior care workers
  • Day service assistant managers
  • Assistant mangers of domiciliary services

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