Enrolment with Progress to Excellence

Follow our easy three-stage application process...

For anyone that has enrolled onto a qualification in the past, they will know how much time it can take to complete the process. 

Our three-stage and remotely-managed qualification application process is designed to remove a lot of the time commitments associated when enrolling onto a qualification. By providing this enrolment facility, we will save you around 3 hours of your time whilst ensuring you are fully informed and kept up-to-date at every step of the process. By the time you reach the end of Stage 3, you will be enrolled onto your qualification and the teaching and training will have already begun!

Progress to Excellence

Stage One: Please select the nature of your enquiry

Employer Funded Apprenticeship

To be completed by employer

This funding route is for courses that will be funded by:

  • Levy paying employers (employers with a wage bill exceeding 3 million pounds per annum)
  • Non-levy paying employers (Employers who will co-invest in the cost of training. This works on a 90/10 split where the Government funds 90% of the training and the employer pays the remaining 10% of the training cost.)

Commercially Funded Course

To be completed by the learner applying for a commercially funded course

This funding route is for our courses that are funded by:

  • The learner/student paying for the course themselves using their own funds
  • The learner paying for the course through an Advanced Learner Loan
  • The course being paid for in full via invoice, by the learner’s employer
  • The course being part-paid by the employer and the learner through invoice

or progress to...

Stage Two: Student application form

With funding for your qualification now agreed, your course application is progressing well!

You can now progress to stage two of our enrolment process. You would have been provided with a password to access the next stage, please click the button below and enter the password on the next page to start your application. You can save your application at any point by clicking ‘save for later’ which is located at the bottom of each page and if you have provided a valid email address with your application, it will email you a link to enable you to complete your application.

Stage Three: Enrolment Activity

All of your application details will have been received, confirmed and you are now enrolled onto your qualification! Stage Three is where the learning begins! As with the previous stage, you will have been provided with a password to access our online activity to continue with your enrolment journey.